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Handcrafted Bead Jewelry: Fashion Eyeglass Holders \"The Red Collection\"

10 Red Glass Hearts10 Red Glass Hearts$18.00
14 Red Glass Hearts14 Red Glass Hearts$18.00
Glass CardinalsGlass Cardinals$15.00
Clear Black & Red Glass Turtles With White HatsClear Black & Red Glass Turtles With White Hats$15.00
Glass Turtles With HatsGlass Turtles With Hats$15.00
Red Glass ElephantsRed Glass Elephants$15.00
Cute Red Glass ElephantsCute Red Glass Elephants$15.00
Dark Red Glass BirdsDark Red Glass Birds$15.00
Fancy Red Glass Boots W/ RosesFancy Red Glass Boots W/ Roses$15.00
Glass CardinalsGlass Cardinals$15.00
Red Glass RaspberrysRed Glass Raspberrys$15.00
Red & Black Lady  BugsRed & Black Lady Bugs$15.00
Red Glass LadybugsRed Glass Ladybugs$15.00
Lamp Work Glass Red DragonflysLamp Work Glass Red Dragonflys$15.00
Glass CardinalsGlass Cardinals$15.00
Lamp Work Glass CardinalsLamp Work Glass Cardinals$15.00
Red Fancy Glass beadsRed Fancy Glass beads$15.00
Black & Red Lady BugsBlack & Red Lady Bugs$15.00
2 Cute Red Glass Birds2 Cute Red Glass Birds$15.00
Red Glass DragonflysRed Glass Dragonflys$15.00
Red Glass GatorsRed Glass Gators$15.00
Red Lamp Work RaspberrysRed Lamp Work Raspberrys$15.00
24 Red Hand Carved Gemstone Flowers24 Red Hand Carved Gemstone Flowers$18.00
Red Glass Raseberry'sRed Glass Raseberry's$15.00
4 Cute Glass Black Birds4 Cute Glass Black Birds$15.00
4 Cute Glass Red Birds4 Cute Glass Red Birds$15.00
4 Cute Red & Black Lady Bugs4 Cute Red & Black Lady Bugs$15.00
4 Cute Glass Red Birds4 Cute Glass Red Birds$15.00
4 Red Glass Berry's4 Red Glass Berry's$15.00
4 Red Glass Chili Peppers4 Red Glass Chili Peppers$15.00
6 Cute Glass Red Birds6 Cute Glass Red Birds$18.00
Glass Lamp Work CATSGlass Lamp Work CATS$25.00
7 Red Glass Chili Peppers7 Red Glass Chili Peppers$18.00

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